Choose Among These 13 Amazing Types of Guitars

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The guitar is probably the most popular string instrument. Many people around the world know how to play guitar. Even most of the famous musicians use a guitar to create their music.

If you are a beginner, you may have a hard time choosing the best type of guitar. Here are the 13 different types of guitars:

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitar is the most common type of guitar that is recommended for beginners. Its strings may be made up of nylon or steel strings. Acoustic guitar is perfect for strumming.

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Electric Guitar

Electric guitars are plugged into high voltage amplifier to boost its sound. It is usually used for rock and jazz, as well as blues and pop music.

Twelve-String Guitar

This type of guitar is composed of twelve strings which are played in pair. The tone that twelve-string guitar produces is brighter and more defined.

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Archtop Guitar

An archtop guitar is the favorite of jazz guitarists. It has an inner electromagnetic pickup. It is available in full-bodied and thin line styles.

Steel Guitar

Basically, this type of guitar that originated in Hawaii is heavier because it is made of steel. It is accompanied by a pedal steel which changes the pitch of every individual string.

Resonator Guitar

It is different from all other types of guitar because it has no sound hole. Instead, it has a circular plate with various holes that resonate the sound.

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Bass Guitar

Bass guitars are characterized by wide, thick strings. It provides players a variety of notes, including the lowest four strings. Bass guitars can be acoustic or electric.

Double-Neck Guitar

This guitar is basically composed of two different guitars in one body. The first guitar is six-stringed while the other one has twelve strings. This is used in multi-chorded pieces.

Classical Guitar

Classical, or sometimes called Spanish guitar is constructed using wood designed like a female torso. It also utilizes gut strings to produce a calmer and more relaxed sound.

Flamenco Guitar

Flamenco guitar is almost similar with classical guitar, except that the Flamenco’s fretboard is wider. Flamenco guitar is used by country musicians.

Semi-Acoustic Guitar

Semi-acoustic guitars have a huge hollow sound box that is usually made up of metal. Its body is similar to electric guitar. However, there is no need for an amplifier to boost up the sound.

Red Neck Guitar

Apart from its distinct physical features, red neck guitar has a different combination of strings. This guitar allows solo musicians to add flexibility in blending notes.

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Hollow Body Electric Guitar

This type of guitar has a resonating chamber in the body. Its solid body is sleek in design. This type of guitar is perfect for jazz musicians.

Apart from these, there are other innovations of the guitar. They have varied features and specifications that match the preference of musicians. With this information, we hope that you are able to identify what type of guitar you will buy for yourself. Also, do not forget the essential accessories that will be helpful for you to better your guitar skills.

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