Top 14 Nylon-String Acoustic Guitars in the World

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Are you looking for a classical guitar? Still confused about what brand to buy? Well, in this article, we wish to present you these 14 top nylon-string guitars that are highly-recommendable for beginners and professionals alike.

Kremona Solea

This premium guitar is perfect for experienced players. It is made in Bulgaria and has used high-end materials. It also features a neck made from Honduran cedar and Indian ebony fretboard.

Cordoba Iberia GK Studio

This lightweight guitar features an unclassical neck which makes thumb-around positions easy, especially for beginners. It is designed to produce a more flamenco-type sound.

Yamaha SLG200N

This guitar has a solid, laminated body for a modernist approach. It has no acoustic chamber making it feedback-resistant.

Lucero LFN200SCE

This is a sophisticated electro-acoustic guitar that offers a quality performance at an attractive price. The back and sides are made from Indian rosewood while the top is made from solid spruce.

Alhambra Crossover CS-3 CW E5

Alhambra is one of the famous classical guitar makers in Spain that has been in service for more than four decades. This crossover guitar produces a sharp, clean and more defined sound.

Yamaha CGX102

The top of Yamaha CGX102 is made from solid spruce, while its neck, back, and sides are made from nato wood. It features the contact pickup and 68 preamp system.

Epiphone PRO-1 Classic

Epiphone makes this classical guitar for beginners and even professionals. It features a slightly short scale length, with a top made from solid cedar, whereas its back and side are made from mahogany.

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La Patrie Collection Q1 EQ

This Canadian-made guitar is made from all-solid wood. It has a variant that has optional EPM Quantum 1 pickup and preamp system. This guitar produces a highly consistent quality sound.

Ibanez GA3

This guitar is perfect for beginners, intermediates and experienced players who love to play rock and metal music. It follows a traditional design for the body – mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard and spruce top.

Yamaha NTX700C

Yamaha NTX700C features an amplified tone and quite subdued volume to produce a balanced acoustic sound. According to MusicRadar, it is a modern nylon-strong electro guitar.

Admira Virtuoso EC

Admira Virtuoso EC is made from Spain. It one of the most favorite electro nylon strong guitars of musicians. It has a top made from solid cedar and back and sides made from laminate rosewood black.

Taylor 714CE-N

This guitar has a steel-string influence which includes treble and bass controls, rotary volume and under-saddle pickup, among others. Its body is made from spruce and rosewood.

Ortega Coral-NY

Another guitar that has steel-string influence is Ortega Coral-NY. It features Clasica II preamp system, Fishman under-saddle pickup, EQ rotaries, tuner and phase switches.

Lowden Jazz Series S25J

Lowden Jazz Series S25J has a body made from all-solid cedar and rosewood. This guitar is designed for both classical and steel-string players. It features a Lowden’s tremendous craft and cambered fingerboard.

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