7 Pro Tips On How To Take Care Of Guitars

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In everything we have, maintenance is a must. It is our duty to take care of our gadgets, appliances, car, house, and instruments. The key to this is consistency. We have to be dedicated to providing maintenance so that our things will remain functional for the many years to come.

A guitar is one of these things that need care and maintenance. It requires patience and consistency to keep our guitar look and sound good.

So if you want to create music until the end of time, here are seven pro tips on how to take good care of your guitars:

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Change the strings regularly

It is our duty to keep our guitar string up-to-date. Strings lose their quality over time. The more we play our guitar, the faster the strings will deteriorate. This will affect how the sound our guitar makes. The frequency of changing your strings depends on how much you play. Let us say you play an hour a day, we recommend you change every month. Also, make sure you choose the perfect strings for your guitar.

Condition the fretboard

Our guitar, especially the fretboard is at risk to oils, dust and dirt buildup that will affect its sound quality. It is very important to condition your fretboard. There are many ways on how to clean your fretboard. You can brush it with a soft bristle toothbrush. You can also gently wipe the fretboard with a soft cloth. Lastly, there are guitar conditioners and cleaning products that are suitable in conditioning your guitar.

Polish your guitar

Of course, we have to make our guitar look brand new. There are various cleaning solutions and polishers that we can use in cleaning our guitar regularly. These products will make our guitar look shinier. They can also prevent our guitar from acquiring dust and other dirt over time.

Keep your guitar humidified

You also have to learn the science of humidity in guitar. Our guitar needs enough moisture, especially the ones that are made from wood. To ensure your guitar gets humidified, you can insert a wet sponge in your sound hole every week. Also, you can buy humidifier products.

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Store guitar in room temperature

Do not leave your guitar unattended at either too hot or too cold environments. This will affect the humidity of your guitar body. Overexposure to sunlight may also change the finishes of your guitar. It can also promote cracks. Thus, it is important to store your guitar in a stable room temperature.

Avoid scratching your guitar

Just like how you take care of your car or smartphone, avoid scratching your guitar. Be careful when transporting guitars. Make sure you do not scratch or ding it with hard surfaces. It is advisable to keep your guitar inside a guitar bag or case.

Bring your guitar to a technician

If humans need to go to doctors, guitars should also be brought to technicians. Technicians are pros in installing the strings, aligning the neck, making adjustments to the bridge, and other tune-ups.

What other secrets you have in taking care of your guitar?

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