12 Common Styles and Genres of Playing Guitar

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If you want to create and play music through guitar, you have to be certain about your genre and style that best suit your taste and preference so that you can express yourself better.

Here are some of the most common styles and genres of music that can be played on a guitar:


This technique allows the guitarist to combine chords, melody and bass lines. Fingerstyle technique allows the playing of chords and individual notes at the same time.

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Classical is a combination of fingerstyle technique and strumming of nylon-strings to produce an organic quality of music.


Folk reflects the stories and experiences of the common people. It is usually a narrative in song, played through a folk guitar.


Country music is an American origin that combines folk and blues. It is commonly accompanied by acoustic guitar.


Blues is one of the most popular music genres that inspired jazz, country, and rock. It is a characterized by distinct lyrics, instrumentation, bass lines and melancholic rhythm.


This American genre of music is usually played with a fast, happy-spirited tempo. It uses an acoustic guitar and a resonating guitar to support the bass lines.

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Flamenco is a Spanish genre of music that is characterized by an aggressive style and fast rhythm. It can be upbeat or downbeat. Of course, this is accompanied by a flamenco guitar.


Jazz is a unique blend of classic melodies and intricate harmony that is also characterized by swing and blue notes. Moreover, it has instrumental voicing and complicated chord structures played by a jazz guitar.


Metal music is characterized by blues rock and psychedelic rock. It is played by electric guitar supported by various equipment to produce loud and mechanized sounds fit for the modern world.

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Rock is a genre of popular music that gave birth to dozens of sub and fusion genres, including hard rock, punk rock, and alternative rock. It is accompanied by different types of guitar.


Reggae is a Jamaican origin that produces a very distinct, cool dance vibes. It uses different types of guitars accompanied by drums to produce the Reggae mood.


The guitar is the most popular accompaniment used to play gospel songs. Gospel music provides a soothing feeling and spiritual message.

Other styles and genres include pop, funk, R & B and more.

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