10 Simple Ways To Improve Guitar Skills

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In doing things, it is our primary objective to be better every day. We don’t want to get stuck being on the same level. As beginners in playing guitar, we should strive to be professionals. We should set goals for ourselves and gradually reach them towards success.

Here are 10 simple ways on how to transform yourself and become an expert guitar player:

Aim for new things

As mentioned, do not get stuck at one. Learn new things. It can be a new chord, a song, a melody, a strum pattern, or guitar maintenance like tuning your guitar, changing your strings and cleaning your guitar.

Learn the major scale intervals

If you learn the major scales, it will be easier for you to learn and discover many chords. According to Guitar World, in order to understand the structure of a major scale, we can begin by forming triads, seventh chords or extended chords.

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Review every chord you know

Sometimes, we get information overload and we forget about the things we learned from the past. It is important to make every chord a skill, not a learning. Review every chord you know until you master them

Play in groups

Be involved in a community of guitar enthusiasts. You will learn a lot of things from them. They will also tell you about what to improve in your skills. Moreover, playing in groups boosts confidence level and promotes a better learning environment.

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Master your favorite songs

Before you jump to learning new pieces, make sure that you have mastered your favorite songs. Your personal favorites will be your basis if you are ready to move on to new songs.

Record yourself

You have to evaluate how you play your guitar. To do this, try to set up an audio or video recorder. Check out the recording and identify how you can improve your guitar skills.

Take advantage of technology

There are various equipment that will help you better your guitar skills. Also, there are plenty of applications and software that you can install in your smartphones and other devices. They will help you tune your guitar, learn chords and more.

Track your progress

In the process of improving yourself, make sure you track your progress. Keep a diary of your improvements, strengths, and weaknesses. This will include the chords you mastered, the exercises you performed and your speed in changing chords, among others.

Write a song

You do not need to be a professional composer to do this phase. You just have to be true to yourself and aim that you can be able to express your ideas and feelings through the song. By writing a piece, you can assess how good you are in playing the guitar.

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Play a gig

This is the most exciting part! Gather your members, prepare your masterpieces, practice and practice until you are ready to book a gig. You can perform in clubs, bars, schools and other avenues where you can showcase your guitar skills.

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