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Acoustic Guitar Community brings important information and latest updates about the world of guitar. We are passionate about bringing guitar players, enthusiasts and musicians into one community where we can share knowledge about our passion, expertise, and love for music. We make sure that we only provide factual news and reliable information from our trusted sources:

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar brings you information about music, musicians, and instruments, especially guitar. They also offer lessons and tutorial through their interactive content.

Guitar World

Guitar World provides latest news and updates about the most popular guitar players in the world and of all time. They also offer lessons and tutorials about playing guitar and choosing the right gears.

Guitar Fella

Guitar Fella is a one-stop-shop for guitar, accessories, and gears. They also provide news, reviews, lessons and tutorial videos.

Uber Chord

If you want to learn guitar fast, you can check out this site. They offer tutorial services about the different chords. They also have an app that you can install in your smartphones.

Guitar Adventures

Guitar Adventures is a simple blog that provides knowledge about the guitar. They can provide you lessons and tips on how to improve your guitar skills, especially the beginners.

Guitar Noise

Guitar Noise has started their online services since 1999. They provide lessons and tutorial services for beginners and professionals alike. They specialize in both acoustic and electric guitar.


Apart from their guitar products, Gibson also offers relevant facts, information, and tips about playing guitar.