10 Amazing Health Benefits of Playing an Instrument

Blog - 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Playing an Instrument

No wonder music is really therapeutic. It has been proven to provide a lot of health benefits – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. One of the many expressions of music is playing an instrument. There are plenty of instruments anyone can play. It may be percussion, wind, stringed or electronic, perhaps. Of course, playing an instrument also offers a lot of goodness in your health.

Here are 10 amazing health benefits that we can get from playing instruments:

Relieve stress

According to Psych Central, music has a soothing power than can extremely manage our stress levels. Certain types of music can affect our psychological functions, slow down our pulse and heart rate, lower our blood pressure and decrease the levels of stress hormones. When we play instruments, we create music.

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Exercise muscles

When we play instruments, we use certain muscles to support or hold the instrument while we play. According to Live Strong, a 120-lb. person can burn approximately 106 calories while playing a wind instrument during a 45-musical recital. Further, playing instrument needs proper posture.

Enhance memory

According to a study by American Psychological Association, playing music makes our mind sharper as we age. University of Kansas Medical Center also concluded that musicians scored better than non-musicians at cognitive tests. When we play instruments, several parts of our brain function which helps sharpen our memory.

Improve concentration

Of course, we need to have focus in playing an instrument. It also exercises our brain, especially the parts that are responsible for concentration. Moreover, when we create music, it produces a soothing feeling which enhances our concentration skills.

Enhance coordination

Just like playing basketball and other sports, playing instruments need coordination of certain body senses and parts. For example, when we play piano, we need our fingers, hands, feet, eyes, and ears coordinate with each other. For a sustained period of time, while our brain is being conscious that we are hitting the right chords and we are not out of tune.

Develop time management

Timing is a crucial element in playing an instrument. We have to know when to hit the chords and play the instrument in sync with the melody and the rhythm. Also, when we learn an instrument, we need to practice which requires consistency and time management.

Improves reading and listening

When we play an instrument, we need to be very good at reading chords, notes, and lyrics. We also have to be good listeners so that we can play the music properly.

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Regulate mood

As mentioned earlier, playing instruments creates a soothing feeling that enables us to experience a sense of satisfaction and relaxation.

Promote self-expression

Playing an instrument is a good avenue for us to showcase our talents and skills. It can be a way for us to express ourselves, through the music we make, through the lyrics of our songs and the melody we play.

Improve confidence

Lastly, playing an instrument boosts our confidence that we are able to achieve our goals of creating music. It can also be an avenue for us to present in choirs, bands, orchestras, and plays, among others.

What instrument do you play?

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