11 Must-Have Accessories For Your Guitar

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There are various gadgets and devices that can help every guitarist to improve their skills in playing the instrument. For beginners, check out these 11 basic guitar accessories that you should have:

Guitar Strings

Of course, you cannot play guitar without the strings. The two most common types of guitars are acoustic and electric which use different string materials. The acoustic guitar usually uses nylon strings, whereas electric guitars have steel strings. It is recommended to change guitar strings every month.

String Cutter

String cutter is very important in changing the strings. You will use them to snip off the remaining length of the strings after they were installed in the fretboard.

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Tuning Machine

A tuning machine will determine if your guitar is out of tune or not so that you can adjust the tuners to achieve the right notes. Also, there are plenty of tuning apps that can be installed on smartphone devices.


A capo is used to achieve chords that are difficult to handle by our fingers. To use a capo, you need to clip or place it on any part of the fretboard.


Pedals are specialized devices that help you achieve a more defined sound output. There are plenty of types of guitar pedals with different uses and functions.

Pick and Pick Holder

This is one of the most important accessories especially to those who do not want to strum their guitar with their fingers. Of course, your pick should also have a holder to avoid misplacement.


Humidifiers are very important for guitars because they maintain the moisture of the guitar, especially those that are made from wood. The humidifier will try to balance the temperature inside the guitar.

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You need to protect your guitar. So whenever you are done using it, make sure you place your guitar inside a specialized bag or case that will protect your guitar from scratches and dents due to transporting.


If you do not have a bag, you can place your guitar on a stand. It will hold your guitar in a standing position.


Straps are also very important because they make it easy for you to play the guitar, especially when you are standing. Straps will hold your guitar around your neck.


Cables are responsible for connecting your guitar to amplifiers to provide more volume and definition to your sound output.

Alright! These were just a few of the basic accessories that you should invest to for your guitar.


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