10 Must-Have Guitar Pedals For Guitar Players

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As a guitar player, we aim that we produce the best sound. In order to do this, some guitarists resort to using various equipment that will help them achieve better results. One of the most helpful tools is the use of guitar pedals.

Guitar pedals are specialized electronic devices that help you enhance the sound quality of your instrument by creating certain effects. They have individual settings for desired results. They are connected to the amplifier.

Here are 10 guitar pedals that every guitar player should have:

Guitar Tune Pedals

Tuner pedals allow you to tune your guitar even without stand-alone guitar tuners. There are various smartphone applications that can be used as an alternative to this pedal.

Boost Guitar Pedal

Boost pedals are used to boost the signal of the guitar. It allows guitar players to hit the front end of the amplifier to increase the signal and provide more output gain.

Volume Guitar Pedals

Volume pedals allow guitar players to have total control over the volume of their output. Guitar players can be able to volume in or out not just the output of the guitar, but including certain sound effects and output of other guitars connected to this pedal.

Wah Guitar Pedals

Wah pedals can add a lot of tonal expressions and effects to your sound output. Most popular guitar players use this pedal, including Jerry Cantrell, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton. Today, there are digital wah pedals that are equipped with advanced capabilities.

Overdrive Guitar Pedals

Overdrive guitar pedals are used to mimic the sound of the amplifier. This helps electric guitarists so that they do not have to crank their amplifiers to achieve the grunge sound they wanted. Overdrive pedals are usually used in playing blues and other applications.

pedals - 10 Must-Have Guitar Pedals For Guitar Players

Distortion Guitar Pedals

Distortion pedals act similarly with overdrive pedals in boosting the signal, however, it differs in its function of clipping or holding the waveform of a guitar signal. This pedal is perfectly used in rock and heavy metal music.

Chorus Guitar Pedals

A chorus pedal is one of the favorites of guitar players. It can add depth, fullness and more definition to the sound that the guitar produces. It makes one guitar sound like three guitars.

Digital Delay Pedal

Delay pedals can be very helpful for guitarists. It can repeat the sound or notes being played at a specific period or interval. Delay pedals can be analog or digital. Most prefer digital delay pedals because of its better time delay and note clarity.

Looper Guitar Pedals

Looper pedals are best paired with delay pedals. They work together in delaying the notes while maintaining definition to the sound. Looper pedals allow guitarists to repeat sounds that are recorded.

Compressor Guitar Pedals

Compressor pedal functions to automatically volume in and out the sound output. It equalizes soft and loud sounds. You can adjust the range or the effects that your compressor pedal can do.

There are a lot of guitar pedals that can help you in achieving better sound quality. However, you should never depend too much on guitar pedals. They are only made to enhance sound quality, not to better your guitar skills.

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