10 Best String Instruments You Should Learn

Blog2 - 10 Best String Instruments You Should Learn

Music is the best! We cannot imagine the world without music. It would probably be lifeless, dull, boring and silent. Thank the Almighty for He has provided us with the gift of music, the ability to compose songs and play instruments.

Well, for a music lover, you might want to learn an instrument. String instruments are the best type of instrument that every beginner should learn. It allows you to create music with the strings and chords.

Let us round up the 10 best string instruments that you should learn:

guitar - 10 Best String Instruments You Should Learn


Everybody in the world knows what a guitar is. It is the most popular string instrument that usually has six strings that are played through strumming or plucking. The sounds can be produced acoustically or electronically. It is believed that guitar was invented over 4,000 years ago.


Piano is also one of the most popular stringed musical instruments that is invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori around 1700 in Italy. It is played by pressing the keyboard or a row of white and black keys that strike the string to create a sound.

Violin - 10 Best String Instruments You Should Learn


Violin is a wooden string instrument that was first known in the 16th century in Italy. It is the smallest and the highest-pitched in the violin family. A violin is typically played by drawing a bow across its four strings. Violin is perfect for creating country and jazz music.


A cello is the bass member of the violin family. It is the second largest and second lowest-pitched stringed instrument. It also has four strings that can be bowed or plucked to create music. It is perfect for orchestras and some types of rock bands.


Viola is another member of the violin family that is bowed or plucked to create music. It is slightly larger and has a lower sound than a violin.

Ukulele - 10 Best String Instruments You Should Learn


Ukulele is a small string instrument that belongs to the lute family. It has four nylon or gut strings that can be strummed or plucked. It was believed to be introduced by Portuguese immigrants to Hawaii in the 19th century. It was used to create Hawaiian folk songs which have gained popularity in the whole United States.


Sitar is a string instrument that is plucked to create music. It originated in India as an important part of the Hindustani and Indian classical music in the 16th century. A sitar can have 18 to 21 strings.


Harp is a popular ancient string instrument that flourished in Asia, Africa, and Europe as early as 35000 BC. This instrument is made up of a triangular wooden frame that has an indefinite number of strings made of nylon or metal. Commonly, lap harps can have 19 strings while pedal harps have 40 to 47 strings.

Banjo - 10 Best String Instruments You Should Learn


Banjo is another string instrument that has four to six strings across a thin membrane stretched over a frame called as the head. Banjo is used to create country, folk and bluegrass music.


Mandolin is another member of the lite family that flourished in Italy during 17 century. A mandolin has various courses and styles.  It can be played by plucking.

Which among these string instruments have your learned already?

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