About Us

Welcome to the Acoustic Guitar Community!

Acoustic Guitar Community has been helping individuals improve their skills in playing instruments, especially the guitar. With more than 10 years in service, we have transformed thousands of individuals to become professional guitar players who are now starting in making music and building their names in the industry.

Acoustic Guitar Community is composed of a team of guitar players and enthusiasts who are passionate in providing customized lessons and tutorial services to those who wish to learn more about the guitar. We used a community-oriented approach in molding our specialized programs so that our learners can be able to express their true selves to the people who have the same passions as them. We want music to be their avenue in discovering their potentials and getting out of their comfort zones.

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Apart from the lessons and tutorials, Acoustic Guitar Community brings fresh content about the latest news and updates in the music industry. This includes the artists, the latest instruments, the guitars, accessories, gears, and devices that are all related to music.

We promised that in this community, you can be able to develop your skills and gain friends that will also be your loyal supporters in your journey to becoming a professional musician.